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The illustrator’s complex work plays with the opposing forces of bellezza and brutezza
Gloria Pizzilli
The prolific Milan-based editorial illustrator tells stories through subtle symbolic clues
Emiliano Ponzi
Dark and light coexist in the dream world of this San Marino illustrator
Nicoletta Ceccoli
This Italian illustrator seamlessly blends contemporary life with Renaissance motifs
Marco Ventura
In Milan, identical twins sisters share a passion for illustration
Anna + Elena Balbusso

Solas Awards 2011: Gold for Funny Travel Story Category
Day Use Only
Solas Awards 2010: Bronze for Travel and Shopping
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Solas Awards 2009: Silver for Travel and Shopping Category

In the San Francisco Chronicle and sfgate.com
“Tourist Italian? No, thank you.”
A twelve-part adventure in fluency at italian.about.com
Learning To Speak Italian in Italy

30 Days in Italy and
The Best Travel Writing 2007
Only Fish
The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2006
Turquoise Dreams
Townsend 11 E-Book Series
Townsend 11

2017 Travel Guide to California
Spin and Margie's Hideaway

KQED Radio Perspectives
Giving Made Simple

Illustrator Emiliano PonziFEATURE

Gloria Pizzilli

ITALIAN ILLUSTRATOR Gloria Pizzilli is a mixmaster at play. Darkness teases light, fluidity pushes geometry, innocence hides danger. She unleashes her ideas on a cast of characters and blames the complex results on her chaotic mind.

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Images from Hanoi, Taipei and Hong Kong

Travel Guide to CaliforniaNEW EDITION

2017 Travel Guide to California

The newest edition of the 2017 Travel Guide to California is now available in print and online—with features about our breathtaking parks, hidden beaches, magnificent mountains, and surprising cities. Everything visitors need to plan a dream vacation.

2017 Travel Guide to California