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This Italian illustrator seamlessly blends contemporary life with Renaissance motifs
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In Milan, identical twins sisters share a passion for illustration
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Illustrator Emiliano Ponzi

ITALIAN ILLUSTRATOR Emiliano Ponzi digs deep for imagery, like an archaeologist hunting for bones. He analyzes his discoveries and translates them into crisp, bold paintings infused with his signature symbology.

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2015 Travel Guide to California

The newest edition of the 2015 Travel Guide to California is now available in print and online—with features about our breathtaking parks, hidden beaches, magnificent mountains, and surprising cities. Everything visitors need to plan a dream vacation. 2015 Travel Guide to California


The Apocalypse

My very short story The Apocalypse has been chosen by the editors of 100wordstory.org.

If he’d found out about the heroin, we’d been over sooner. Maybe that would have been better. He was Christian and wore a tiny gold cross under his shirt. He had tatts as well. They weren’t super religious-y, just something from the Apocalypse. He lived really clean because he believed in that. He made me feel safe. I liked that. But in the end, you can’t be shooting up at work and saying grace at home. He lived with me for two weeks. He said he couldn’t stay with someone who kept snakes. I said I had the snakes first.